A pastor, author, and spiritual leader with a significant following in the United States and abroad, Jim Staley serves as Pastor of Passion for Truth Fellowship and Director of Passion for Truth Ministries in St. Charles, Missouri. With a profound connection to his faith, Mr. Staley spent years as an adherent of evangelical Christianity, spreading the word of God through Bible study and defense of Christianity. During this period, Jim Staley experienced a religious awakening, pointing him toward interpretation of the Bible based on the original Hebraic viewpoint. Since then, Mr. Staley has dedicated his life and practice to teaching the Gospels and the Torah of Yahweh.

Today, Jim Staley offers a unique message of hope and understanding through Passion for Truth Ministries, where he helps the faithful better comprehend the one true interpretation of the Bible. Employing a humble, down-to-earth teaching style, a fluency in early Christianity and first-century Judaism, and a genuine enthusiasm for his work, Mr. Staley maintains a busy schedule, from his weekly video teachings to his instructive DVDs and CDs. Among his most recent releases, He sheds light on Paul’s teachings through Understanding Galatians, supplies evidence of Old Testament prophecy in Case for the Covenant, and examines the Biblical Sabbath with “And He Rested.”

A prominent figure in the growing Hebrew Roots movement, Jim Staley has made numerous appearances on major Christian broadcasting networks, including God’s Learning Channel and Sky Angel. To read more about the teachings of Jim Staley and the work he performs through Passion for Truth Ministries, pleases visit the Ministries’ official website at www.passionfortruth.com.